How to use

The shopping procedure is detailed in the "Shopping Guide" on the menu, so here we will explain how to use this shop.

The products sold at this shop are hand-dyed yarns and goods designed by the owner. Please note that we do not handle other manufacturers, authors, knitting supplies, etc.

We do not have a physical store. Currently only available in our online shop. Our online shop accepts orders 24 hours a day. We may take vacations in summer and winter. We will respond to inquiries even during the holidays.

New products are added to the shop basically once a week, with 1-2 new products and 1-2 resale products. The update date will be announced on Instagram , Twitter , and LINE , so please check it out.

Many of the products that can be viewed are displayed as sold out, and in many cases they cannot be purchased at present, but we are exhibiting them as a catalog of yarns that have been released so far. If you have any past works that you would like us to resell, please let us know your wishes via the email form or LINE. → Click here for information on resale

We ask that you be able to list your works with tags on Instagram (we call this a collection of customer works). In some cases, we will post quotes from here, and customers can also add tags and add them to participate in the collection of works.

Basic browsing method

Search by [Collection]

You can view past releases from [Collections] on the top page.

・Recommended: Threads currently in stock and recommended.

・Sock Yarns: You can see all the sock yarns.

・Other yarns: Yarns other than sock yarn such as merino 1-py (single), mohair, silk blends, and lace.

・Set: Sock sets can be viewed here.

・Wool: You can browse the wool category.

For more convenient use

[Shop search]

You can select categories by category from "Collection" on the top page, or from the menu in the header.

Please use the search function in the shop on the screen where all categories are displayed. You can narrow down the desired category with the pull-down "Product type". You can also search for tags on this screen.

[Collect Favorites]

If you find a thread that you like, add it to your "Favorites" and make a list. You can register by clicking the "Add to Favorites" button on the product page. The list can be viewed from the heart icon on the top right of the page.

If you register as a member, you can share information between your computer and mobile.


If you register for the newsletter, you can receive information about sales and holidays by e-mail (please select a mailer that can receive HTML e-mails). We will also deliver it on social media, so please register in a way that is easy to receive.

We will inform you about seasonal items as they become available, but please refer to the annual release schedule below, such as the type of yarn.

  • Sock Yarn: All year round
  • Merino Single: Year-round
  • Race: Year-round
  • Cotton, linen: July to September
  • Mohair blend: November to March
  • Snow-dyed sock yarn: January to February
  • Yarn Advent Calendar: November (Reservations start: October)
  • Vegetable dyeing (planned): September to November


In addition to sales, you can use coupons by following SNS and introducing your friends. We will inform you on social media each time, so please take advantage of it.

We hope that you will pick up the FibrEsquisse yarn and create a wonderful work of art.