FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Q. It is sold out and cannot be purchased.
A. The items in the shop are exhibited as a catalog of yarns that have been released so far. We resell 1-2 types from past works every week. Due to the increasing number of items, we are unable to resell all items, but items with many requests and colors that are appropriate for the season will have a high resale rate. For requests, please let us know by email form , LINE, Twitter, Instagram DM, etc.

Q. Can you custom dye?
A.We are sorry, but we cannot accept full orders. There are many items that can be resold, so please refer to the following. → About orders and resale

Q. What kind of dyes and threads do you use?
A.Acid dyes are used for wool-based products. There are various manufacturers, but we mainly use those that are safe for water purification tanks. Click here for threads. → Base yarn, wool and care

Q. Do you sell dyeing supplies? Do you hold workshops, etc.?
do not sell supplies or materials. There are currently no workshops scheduled.

Q. Can you ship overseas?
A. Yes. The shipping fee is displayed as "Standard", but EMS is also available, so please write it in the remarks. We will adjust it after your order. If you are in an area where airmail cannot be sent due to international circumstances, we will consult with you.

Q. I want to cancel or change my order.
A. Please contact us as soon as possible. We will process the cancellation. We will accommodate any changes to your order as long as we have stock.

Q. I would like to return an item.
A.We do not accept returns due to customer convenience. Please check this out for details. → Return Policy

Q. Do you have a physical store?
A.Only online shop. We also sell other minne .

If you have any other questions, please send us an email form , LINE , etc.