About benefits

For customers who purchase hand-dyed yarn for the second time or later, we have prepared a stamp card-like privilege.

Privilege details [1 mini skein gift for every 5 hand-dyed yarns]

・The number of purchases you have made is stamped on the upper left of the care instruction card.
・We will deliver about 25g/100m of solid or semi-solid hand-dyed yarn for every 5 items.
・Please leave the color to us!
・Sale items are not counted.
・From March 2020, every purchase of 2 “50g skeins” will be counted as 1 stamp.
・In the case of set sales, one sock set will be considered as one item per set.
・4 pieces of 25g mini skeins will be counted as 1 piece.

Look forward to seeing what color you get...♪
We choose colors that are easy to combine based on your purchase history.
(Since it is done manually, if the number on the stamp does not match the score you have, please let us know.)

From May 1, 2002, if this service has not been used for one year or more, the count so far will be invalidated.

Mini skein for repeat purchase benefits
*We are very sorry, but wool is not eligible for benefits.