Confirmation when ordering

[If you do not receive a confirmation email after placing your order]
FibrEsquisse automatically sends a confirmation email when you place an order, as well as a shipping completion email.
If you do not receive an automatic e-mail within a few hours after placing your order, please contact us using the inquiry form.
In particular, there are cases where e-mails are sorted into spam folders by free e-mails and specific carriers, in which case the customer may ask for permission for the domain manually. In addition, by registering your LINE official account, you will be able to respond smoothly.
Thank you for your understanding.

[If you receive an unfamiliar order email]
There is a possibility of "spoofing" by a third party. If you receive an unfamiliar order confirmation email, please notify us immediately.

We may contact you in the following cases.

・First-time customers using cash on delivery ・Large orders

Our response to spoofed orders

・If the order is determined to be a spoofed order or a mischievous order, we will report the personal information and IP address to the relevant authorities and submit a damage report to the police.
・We will claim damages from those who made spoofed orders or mischievous orders.