About orders and resale

About orders

Basically, we do not accept orders for dyeing, but it may be possible if the yarn is similar to the yarn we have sold in the past.
Some works after #20 are dyed using the same color. (There are some that are possible even before #20, so please contact us.)

Works that can be ordered
#20 onwards, cotton wool, excluding self-striping

Note: Please understand that it will only be "similar". Even if you dye it at the same time, please understand that the goodness of hand-dyeing is that it is a "one-of-a-kind item."
If you have any requests, please contact us using the shop inquiry form, DM on Instagram, or other possible contact methods.

No extra charge for ordering.
Also, orders cannot be canceled.

About reserve

We are very sorry, but we do not accept reservations for pre-sale items .

・If you wish to have your order shipped together
・When you specify the pick-up period
If you want the above, you can specify it for a maximum of 1 month, so please write it in the remarks when ordering. All orders are for in-stock items only.

resale request

Threads that have been sold out will be produced again in the same way and sold as "resale". This is not exactly the same color as above. If you purchase an additional item and use it in conjunction with the previous item, the color may differ. Please consider this to be the same as the "lot difference" of factory products.

Please feel free to send us a request for resale by commenting on Instagram. The higher the number of requests, the higher the priority for resale.
Please note that self-striping and gradation yarn, which take time to produce, will take time to resell.

We are conducting a resale survey on Instagram Story. The works featured here will be resold in order of popularity, so if you have a thread that you would like to resell, please vote for it.