Precautions when selling products using FibrEsquisse yarn

About work sales

There are no restrictions on creating and selling works using the threads from our shop.
If the product requires washing, please write the following wording without modification if possible.
Also, if possible, we would appreciate it if you could add a washing symbol and logo.

-----------------------from here------------------------- -
It can be washed with hot water up to 40°C.
Hand washing is recommended using a knitting detergent. We recommend using a laundry net when using a washing machine.
Please be careful not to use detergents containing bleach as the color will easily fade. Dark blues and blacks tend to fade easily, so please wash them separately from white ones.
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Download laundry symbols and logos

You can download it from here →

* Please use the logo without changing the color or ratio.

The above items are not compulsory and should be added at the discretion of the customer, but in the unlikely event that the product sold has deteriorated due to mishandling, such as discoloration, please contact the seller (customer) for complaints. I will not be held responsible.
In order to ensure correct handling, we recommend displaying the above care label.
Thank you very much.