Base Details and Care Instructions

Yarn base information & care instructions

This is an introduction to the base yarns and wool we handle at our store. (This includes yarns that are scheduled to be sold or that have been sold in the past.)

Sock yarn category

Sock yarn (75/25 Superwash wool /nylon)
It is commercially available yarn for knitting socks with the same blend ratio (75% wool, 25% nylon) as OPAL and REGIA.
The thickness is 4-ply (four strands), and many are medium to fine.
Wool is pre-shrunk, washable, resistant to pilling, and has the most color development.
FibrEsquisse uses either a less itchy wool or a softer merino wool. Blends that simply say wool aren't as soft as merino, but they're strong enough to withstand rubbing on heels and repeated washings.
Merino wool is soft and comfortable to knit and feels good when worn. The strength is slightly inferior, and the dyeing is slightly lighter.
All of them are commonly known as sock yarn, but they can also be used for general accessories, scrolls such as shawls, and clothing.

1 skein: 100g/approximately 400m Recommended needle size: 2.5mm to 6 Standard gauge: 28, 36 steps

Other yarn categories

Merino single (100% Superwash merino single)
It is a 1-ply (single/single yarn) yarn that is not made by twisting multiple yarns. 100% high density (19.5 micron) pre-shrunk merino wool is super soft and airy.
The thickness is equivalent to sock yarn, so it can be used not only for socks but also for clothing.
It has a silky feel and a beautiful sheen.
Due to the strong twist, there are places where the thread is wound around, but there is no problem in using it.

1 skein: 100g/approximately 400m Recommended needle size: 2.5mm to 6 Standard gauge: 28, 36 steps

100% Superwash Bluefaced leicester wool /BFL
Among the rarest British wools, Blue Face Dresser is soft and lustrous. Although it is suitable for clothing, it is also recommended for small items such as socks because it is pre-shrunk.
Compared to sock yarn, it is a slightly thinner yarn.
Because it is slightly off-white, it is dyed in a calm color.

1 skein: 100g/approximately 400m Recommended needle size: 2.5mm to 6 Standard gauge: 28, 36 steps
We also carry race weights.

Merino lace (100% Superwash merino wool) Currently out of stock
Extra-fine merino wool suitable for scrolls and clothing. Not too thin 23μm 2-ply, fluffy and soft to the touch, suitable for all seasons.
In addition, since it is shrink-proof wool, it is easy to clean after tailoring. This is also a slightly unbleached color of the ground, giving it a natural atmosphere.

1 skein: 100 g/about 700 m Recommended needle size: 2.5 mm to 3.25 mm Standard gauge: 28 stitches and 38 stages

Merino silk (75/25 Superwash merino / mulberry silk)
19.5 micron fine merino wool and silk blend yarn. Silk is obtained from silkworms that grow on mulberries at a silk farm. Recommended for items that touch the skin directly.
It can be used for a wide range of purposes with a thickness (fingerweight) similar to that of sock yarn.

1 skein: 100g/approximately 400m Recommended needle size: 2.5mm to 6 Standard gauge: 28, 36 steps

Organic cotton and linen (Sock Weight 60/40 Organic cotton / linen) Currently out of stock
It is a generated thread that makes use of natural colors. Although it is a sock weight, it is thinner than Goho, and it seems to be suitable for scrolls and wear rather than socks. It is a cotton yarn with a high linen blend ratio and a luxurious feel.
The base retains its natural color and gives a muted shade.
Dark colors may bleed slightly, so if you wash them with white items or use wooden knitting needles, the colors may stain. Please be careful.

1 skein: 100g/approximately 350m Recommended needle size: 2.5mm to No. 6 Standard gauge: 28, 36 steps

Kid Mohair & Silk (72/28 Superkid mohair / mulberry silk) Fall/Winter Items
Ultralight kid mohair and silk thread harvested from Angora goats under one year old. The softness of cashmere and the beautiful light give it a very luxurious feel.
It is also ideal for use in combination with other yarns to create clothing or for scrolls.
It is only sold in autumn and winter, but it has excellent moisture dissipation and can be used in summer as well.

1 skein: 50g/about 420m
Recommended knitting needle size: 3mm to 4mm (needles 3 to 6, crochet needles 5/0 to 7/0)
Standard gauge: 32nd 40th stage

wool category

Corridale wool top from New Zealand.
It has excellent functionality such as heat retention, and is a wool that can be used for almighty.
The thickness is 25 to 30 μm, which is thinner than Romney. One bunch is about 80 to 120 mm and about 2.5 cm wide.

I use Romney made in England.
27-29 μm, one bunch about 80 mm, width 2.5 cm.
It's a little thick, but it's soft and doesn't tingle. This can also be used for almighty.
Also, since it is lighter than Corridale, the winding will be longer.

British Shetland wool top.
29-31 μm, one bunch is about 90 mm.
It's a little thick, but it's very light and feels like silk.

Cheviot Superwashed
This is a pre-shrunk top that is less treated with wool. Made in England. It is also famous as a raw material for tweed, which is durable and has excellent elasticity.
30-35 μm, one bunch about 100 mm, width about 2.5 cm.

Care instructions, precautions

  • It can be washed with hot water up to 40°C.
  • Hand washing is recommended using a knitting detergent.
  • We recommend using a laundry net when using a washing machine.
  • Dark blues and blacks tend to fade easily, so please wash them separately from white ones.
  • If you use a detergent containing bleach, the color may fade.

All yarns and wool are imported from overseas such as Europe or New Zealand, and the skein yarn may differ by several grams depending on the lot. Please understand that it is caused by the difference in humidity between the machine of the supplier and Japan.