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Hand-dyed wool Corridale No.9 "Ging Heut' Morgen Uber's Feld"

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Corridale wool top from New Zealand. You can spin it to your desired thickness and make it into yarn, or use it for needle felting.
25 to 30 microns that is not too thin and easy to spin, and has excellent functionality such as heat retention, making it a versatile wool.

The title is from "Ging Heut' Morgen Uber's Feld" from Mahler's song collection "Wandering Youth Songs". It is also used as the theme for the first movement of the 1st Symphony. It's a cheerful song about walking in the fields and talking to birds, but it turns out that it's actually superficial fun, and it's a bit sad.

Please use it after combing it with a carder before using it.
Most of the dust has been removed, but in rare cases black parts of raw hair may be mixed.
It is not pre-shrunk, so we recommend hand washing in lukewarm water.

Wool Top Specifications

| Details/Care Instructions |

  • Corridale Wool from New Zealand
  • Thickness 25~30μm
  • One bunch about 80-120mm
  • Width about 2.5cm


  • British Romney Wool
  • Thickness 27~29μm
  • One bunch about 80mm
  • Width about 2.5cm


  • British Shetland wool
  • Thickness 29~31μm
  • One bunch about 90mm
  • Width about 2.5cm

Preshrunk Cheviot

  • British Cheviot Wool
  • Thickness 30~35μm
  • One bunch about 100mm
  • Width about 2.5cm